The Treadmill Mishap

Going for a walk or a jog on a treadmill is a regular activity for many people who want a convenient way to ensure that they are meeting their fitness goals. One such individual, Bob Fink, decided to check his fitness progress on his iPhone while jogging on his treadmill at home. Unfortunately, in what he admits was a case of distracted jogging, he lost his footing and ended up with an injury to his left shin. Bob decided to self-treat the wound and keep a close watch on how well it was healing. However, two days after the accident, the wound did not seem to be healing properly and Bob decided it was time to seek professional treatment. Bob and his wife got into the car to go to Valley’s Emergency Department, but then his wife suggested they try Valley Medical Group Oakland since it was only five minutes from their home and they had several friends who recommended it to them.

Less Waiting, More Healing

When Bob arrived at the clinic, he was pleased to find that all of his information was already in the system from previous visits to Valley. With only one other person in the waiting room, Bob was brought into an exam room within a couple of minutes of his arrival. Bob was then treated by Joyce Thomas, APN, who he says he “cannot speak highly enough about” and describes as “friendly, professional and knew just what to do to help me heal.” Joyce cleaned and dressed the wound and prescribed antibiotics to ensure the infection did not progress. Twenty minutes later, Bob and his wife were heading home.

Although the injury was unfortunate, Bob describes his visit to VMG Oakland as a great experience from both a service and clinical standpoint. “The quality of care is high and the location is convenient. I would definitely recommend VMG Oakland to others,” says Bob.

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