Valley Health System's New, Innovative 'Fast Track' Program Simplifies Obtaining a Screening Colonoscopy

LeslieValley Health System has made it easier and more affordable to schedule a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer.  Valley’s Fast Track Screening Colonoscopy streamlines the process by eliminating the need for patients to meet with a gastroenterologist for a pre-procedure consultation; patients simply come in on the day of their procedure.

For more information and to find out if you are a candidate, please call 201-389-0808.

The hope is that by making colonoscopy more accessible and affordable, more patients will opt to be screened.  If detected early, colon cancer is highly curable, resulting in a five-year survival rate of 90 percent.  It is recommended that all men and women at average risk for colorectal cancer undergo a screening colonoscopy beginning at age 50 or at age 45 for African-Americans due to higher risk factors.

Patients must meet certain criteria to quality for a Fast Track Screening, which include being in overall good health with no significant medical problems or symptoms of colon cancer.  Each patient will receive an initial consultation by phone with the program’s nurse navigator, who will determine his or her eligibility.  Once the patient is deemed eligible, he or she will be scheduled for the procedure with a Valley gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon based on a health insurance match and availability, and will receive instructions for pre-exam steps to take.

"Our program is designed to be user-friendly, convenient, and less expensive for low-risk individuals," says Leslie W. Ringelstein, M.S., R.N., APN-C, (shown here) an advanced practice nurse and nurse navigator for the Fast Track Screening Colonoscopy program.

For more information and to find out if you are a candidate for a Fast Track Colonoscopy, please call Leslie at 201-389-0808.