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Who is appropriate for a consultation?
Anyone in New Jersey or New York who is suffering from atrial fibrillation and who is currently not a patient of the Snyder Center may schedule a consultation.

How long is the consultation?
Up to 30 minutes.

Who conducts the consultation?
All consultations are conducted by Electrophysiologist Suneet Mittal, MD, or one of his electrophysiology physician colleagues.  Dr. Mittal is Director of Electrophysiology at The Valley Hospital and Medical Director of the Snyder Center.

Do I need to bring any medical documentation to the online consultation?
Although not required, it would be helpful if medical documentation related to your current AFib treatment is at the ready when the consultation begins.  This can include a list of current medications and doses, and results of cardiac tests such as an EKG and/or stress test.

What happens afterwards?
At the end of the consultation, we will inform you of next steps which may include coming into the office for a medical evaluation.

Is there a cost?
The cost is $49.99 and insurance is not accepted.  Payment can be made using Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover cards.  After the transaction, you will be provided with a receipt which can be submitted to your healthcare flex spending provider.

How do I schedule the consultation?
Please click here to visit our registration page.

Which devices can I use for the consultation?

All desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac) and mobile operating systems (iOS [Apple] and Android) are accommodated.  If using a desktop or laptop computer, you must have both a webcam and microphone.  If you are using a smartphone, those capabilities are most likely built in to the device. Consultations can only be conducted using Chrome or Firefox.  Consultations cannot be conducted with Internet Explorer, Safari or another browser. To download Chrome or Firefox onto your device, please use one of the device-specific links below:

Computer/Laptop (Windows/Mac) iPad/iPhone Android What if I have questions before or after I make the appointment?
Please contact the Snyder Center at 201-437-8392 or