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Valley Launches New Stress Management Program for Teens


RIDGEWOOD, NJ, December 14, 2015 – Today’s teens are faced with enormous amounts of stress and, if it is not properly managed, this stress can lead to unhealthy habits and behaviors.

“Pressure for adolescents is off the charts because academics are more rigorous and because social media provides 24/7 exposure to one’s peers. Peer pressure is tremendous and it really weighs on them” says Jodie Katz, M.D., Medical Director, Center for Integrative Medicine.

In response to the growing need to provide teens with resources to manage their stress effectively, Valley’s Center for Integrative Medicine will now offer a Mindfulness Tools for Teens course. The evidence based program is applicable to all teens and the classes will equip participants with essential tools to help them to manage their normal, everyday stresses and emotions more skillfully.

This new course will be taught by Beth Sandweiss, MA, MSW. Ms. Sandweiss has over twenty-five years of experience working with teens and families in both clinical and nonclinical settings. She received her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Certification from the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness and has been teaching MBSR since 2012.

Ms. Sandweiss explains that the course will be focused on “supporting teens’ innate courage, resilience and inner strength during a time in their lives when they are particularly vulnerable to stress and spikes in emotion. A growing body of research suggests that mindfulness training enhances areas of the brain that are important for regulating emotions, paying attention and relating more effectively to stressful situations.”

Over the six weeks of classes, participants will learn simple, yet powerful mindfulness practices that will empower them in all aspects of their lives. They will gain skills in areas such as regulating emotions, learning to cope with stress, paying attention, self-soothing and mindful eating. These tools will help them respond rather than to habitually react to situations.

Valley’s Mindfulness Tools for Teens classes will begin on January 14, 2016 and will be broken down into two groups:

8th, 9th and 10th Graders: Thursdays from 4 to 5:15 p.m.
11th and 12th Graders: Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m.

There will be an orientation on January 7, 2016 and parents are strongly encouraged to attend. All of the sessions will be held at 1200 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood. The cost for the six-week program is $225.

Please call Kathy Newberg at 201-291-6090 for more information on the start dates and to register.