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The Valley Hospital Hosts Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Reunion Halloween Party

The Valley Hospital recently hosted its annual Halloween Reunion Party for children who had been cared for in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  This heavily attended annual event reunites parents and children with the physicians and nurses who cared for them.

The party drew hundreds of families from throughout northern New Jersey and lower New York State and included fun-filled activities for the children, such as pumpkin decorating and temporary tattoos. It also offered the chance for parents to catch up with each other and the medical and nursing staff.

This event was held at Valley’s Robert & Audrey Luckow Pavilion, located in Paramus.

Shown here with a few of the attendees are (from left to right): Neonatologist Beth Benjamin, M.D.; Neonatologist Frank Manginello, M.D., Chair of Children’s Services for Valley Medical Group and Medical Director of the Kireker Center for Child Development; Director of Neonatology Carly Pane, M.D.;  Neonatologist Christiana Farkouh-Karoleski, M.D. and  Neonatologist Michelle Lasker, M.D.