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Recruitment Now Underway for Nurse Volunteers. Join Us on April 13 to Learn More.

As anyone in the profession will tell you, it is truly a blessing to be a nurse. That’s why the Valley Hospital Volunteer Nurse Program is such a perfect fit for nurses who have retired or for a range of reasons are taking a break in their nursing careers.  Volunteer nursing allows former nurses to do what they love in a time frame that fits their lifestyles. 

To learn more about The Valley Hospital’s Volunteer Nurse Program, register for the next “Meet and Greet” session, which will be held on Wednesday, April 13, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in Conference Center Room 7.  Participants will have an opportunity to speak with nurse managers and volunteer nurses.  Volunteer application materials will be available. To register for the “Meet and Greet” please call 201-447-8137 or email us at

Becoming a Volunteer Nurse is easy. Any nurse with a minimum of two years of nursing experience and an unencumbered NJ license is eligible. Retired nursing professionals, or those who just want to “remain in the game” while on hiatus are encouraged to sign up for our specialized orientation.

About the Program

Valley’s Volunteer Nurse Program began in the fall of 2011 with four nurses and has expanded to a team of 20 volunteer nurses providing support to 14 departments throughout Valley Health System.  The program was honored in a special 2015 Tribute to Nurses published in The Record.

Most of Valley’s volunteer nurses are retired nurses who have worked in various healthcare environments, and all are thrilled to be back, doing what they do best – helping people in a uniquely personal way.  “It’s wonderful to be able to come back and contribute to the nursing profession in such a personal way,” says volunteer nurse Margaret Emerito of Wanaque. “The one-on-one interaction with my patients gives me much more than I could ever give.”

The Volunteer Nurse team comes from all disciplines of nursing including employee health, school nursing, clinical research, operating room, post-anesthesia care unit, occupational health, correctional health, traveling nurse, home care, medical-surgical, administration, cardiac surgery, and pediatrics. With 640 combined years of experience, one might wonder why they aren’t sitting on a beach with their toes in the warm sand fondly recalling their nursing careers? The answer is about making a difference.

“Some days are spent assisting the unit personnel and other days are spent sitting and listening to the family member of a dying loved one”, Birte Mainardi, Volunteer RN. “Each hour contributed by our volunteer nurses supports more than just our institution and our patients; every moment supports our profession and our pride in it. Once a nurse, always a nurse.”