Melissa Bagloo, MD

Medical Director, Center for Bariatric Surgery and Weight-Loss Management; Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, The Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Surgical Services Bariatric Surgery General Surgery
VMG - Bariatric Surgery
947 Linwood Avenue
Suite 2W
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
(201) 251-3480
Board Certification
American Board of Surgery
Medical Education
University of Florida College of Medicine
Undergraduate Education
University of Florida
New York University Medical Center
New York Presbyterian Hospital
What are some of the specific conditions you treat?

Morbid obesity, metabolic syndrome, hiatal hernias, paraesophageal hernias, GERD (reflux), incisional hernias,  ventral hernias, inguinal hernias, bowel obstructions, gallbladder disease.

Procedures offered: minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic gastric bypass, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy,  laparoscopic adjustable gastric band placement, revisional bariatric surgery, laparoscopic paraesophageal hernia repair, laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair, laparoscopic nissen fundoplication, incisional/ventral hernia repair,  inguinal hernia repair, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, small bowel surgery.

Describe some of your professional highlights.

My practice focuses on the surgical treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.  I also have a special interest in the surgical management of hiatal hernias, GERD and paraesophageal hernias.  I believe in the application of minimally invasive surgery approaches to address surgical disease and allow for decreased hospital stays, less post-operative pain, and improved recovery.

What would you like patients to know about your approach to care?

I believe attention to detail and meticulous patient care leads to optimal patient outcomes.  Patient satisfaction and a team based approach in developing a personalized plan of care for each patient are priorities for each of our patients.


Single Access Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with Routine Intra-operative Cholangiogram
Surgical Endoscopy

Clinical Trials

Mechanisms of Long Term Remission and Reemergence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus after Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gut hormone evaluation of diabetic patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and remained in remission vs those who have re-developed diabetes after a period of remission.

"Dr. Bagloo is very patient and thorough in explaining my options. She encourages me to ask any questions. I liked her very much and would not hesitate to recommend her as she was recommended to me by one of her patients."
"Dr. Bagloo is a terrific doctor!"
"Dr. Bagloo was awesome and attentive to my every needs. She explained everything to me. She is a very compassionate doctor."
"Dr. Bagloo is very kind and thorough."